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September 21, 2018

How to Achieve Healthy Hair with DāO

Long and lovely, the loose curl bends in gentle s-shaped curves. Easy, playful, and fluid, the loose curl is best kept happy with airy sprays and defining gels. The loose curl needs light ingredients and nourishing hydration to create fullness and lift—too much weight and these waves fall flat.

Loose Curls

DāO Loose Curls Man


The loose curl strand ripples with lazy waves. Never predictable, its shape varies from curl to curl, and is often flatter at the crown. Our ingredients nourish deeply to boost curls’ natural curves. And DāO's specially formulated products allows your loose curls to be effortlessly flawless—with movement, texture, and bounce.


DāO Baby Loose Curls



  • LIGHTWEIGHT POLYMERS define, accentuate, and embrace your natural curl pattern with light, touchable hold.
  • BOTANICAL HUMECTANTS (like Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Neem, and Hemp) infuse moisture and shine into each curl, activating curl formation and promoting hair health.
  • NATURAL PROTEINS (like Vitamin E and body-boosting Silk) strengthen even the finest of curls, building voluminous lift and silky movement.


DāO Woman Loose Curls


Never weighed down, curls are full and voluminous, with boundless body and inner strength. Body-building, moisture-boosting: Our weightless formulas are made with advanced hydrating ingredients to amplify healthy loose curls from the inside out.


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