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September 21, 2018

How to Achieve Healthy Hair with DāO

Whether it's softly straight or coily and voluminous, your hair is undeniably powerful. But not all hair is the same. Every texture behaves differently—and understanding your unique pattern along with the right products are the first steps to keeping your hair healthy and strong.


Tight & Kinky Curly Hair

DāO Curly Kinky Hair



Bold, beautiful, and naturally voluminous, kinky curly hair is typically super coily, tight, and springy. Defined by a close-knit curl pattern and luxurious volume, kinky curls wind up and out. Yet the tighter the curl, the more difficult it is for oil from the scalp to travel the length of the strand and moisturize. Kinky curly hair struggles to absorb moisture, leaving it prone to breakage. DāO's specialized formulas use monounsaturated oils and fatty acids capable of permeating the strand and infusing the hair with nourishment. Moisture glides on and through each strand, keeping curls healthy, luscious, and defined.


 DāO Kinky Curly Hair Man



  • OILS (we like Hemp, Coconut, Açaí, and Jojoba, to name a few) balance moisture inside the hair, provide necessary nourishment, and give a shimmery shine.
  • BUTTERS (like our fave, Mango Butter) are rich in fatty acids, which help prevent breakage and build elasticity as you use them over time.
  • CERAMIDES (like the ones you’ll find in our conditioners and treatments) seal the cuticle, for restorative repair and a lustrous finish.


DāO Kinky Curly Hair Kid


The kinky curl strand is flat like a ribbon that twists, turns, and zig zags. This shape makes curls more fragile at every turning point, and less able to absorb moisture. We keep hydration sealed in every strand of hair, so your curls remain flexible, supple, and strong.

Ultra-light, extra-rich: Our nourishing formulas are derived from natural botanical extracts, designed to infuse moisture deep into every strand.


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