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Is a way of life. Whether challenging a beauty convention or a cool, new tech discovery, we encourage our community to embrace uniqueness.

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A Letter from our Interns

As our interns Brionna Coleman and Fatema Akhtar head back to School, they would like to say a few words to the community regarding their experience and journey with DaO. 

T-minus 7 days until DāO takes on the universe.

We knew that our DaO Divine 7 product line launch would be a big deal, but who knew that our debut would come with major partnerships and events.

DāO Wins $15K Grant from New Voices Fund Pitch Competition

During the 2018 Essence Festival, DāO was among the top prize winners for the first ever New Voices Fund Pitch Competition where $100,000 was awarded on site.

DāO in the City of Angels.

Will and I embarked on a 6-day adventure to Los Angeles to continue the community building necessary for growing the #DaOMovement. We had the unique opportunity to attend a few special events, volunteer in the community and of course, see friends that are now like family.

Hair Culture in Detroit

DāO cofounders Erin and Will were interviewed by Jibran Ahmed about all things related to hair, beauty and starting up in Detroit. Click on the video to hear the full conversation and learn more about the growth of this young, innovative company.

DāO Detroit "Fat Tuesday" Launch Party

The DāO Detroit “Fat Tuesday” launch event was a resounding success! Attendees left with bags of Naturel Moisturizing Spray and many contributed to the crowdfunding campaign to support the manufacturing, production, and fulfillment of the full product line.

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