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August 16, 2018 1 Comment

Lessons Learned.

With every trial and tribulation, we grow wiser, stronger, more resilient and successful. Here's how we do it...


As many of you may have heard, the DāO Divine 7 product line launched this past weekend with incredible fanfare and success. As we move forward and continue to grow, innovate, and #DefyAllOdds, we just want to give you a little more insight into what we’ve learned thus far. With the overwhelming amount of love and support we receive, we can’t help but look back and reflect on a few things that got us here today.

So, here are the top 5 things we’ve learned throughout our journey:

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza, in fact, were NOT built in a day

When running your own business, the line between work and life may seem very thin or almost non-existent. However, it’s important to understand that it is okay to slow down the speed of your journey in exchange for some work-life balance.

This was a hard lesson to learn. There were many times when we felt discouraged by how difficult it was to complete simple tasks like establishing our LLC or even tougher ones such as disputing our trademark claim. Some activities took months to rectify, but we never gave up hope and definitely didn’t stop putting in the work. Additionally, after the passing of Erin’s father and the caring of loved ones in the aftermath, we were forced to put a halt on some opportunities and postpone others. However, contrary to what people may believe, these challenges didn’t set us back, but instead set us up to be stronger and more courageous along the way.

We also learned to always be patient with ourselves and with the overall entrepreneurial process. Building a billion-dollar company requires a superbly sound foundation and it takes time, dedication, and discipline to get through the growing pains.

2. Obstacles = Inevitable 💪

Someone once said that nothing great in life comes easy. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the opportunities that are most rewarding which test you in the hardest ways. 

Obstacles are inevitable along your pathway to success. What will differentiate the great ones from the rest is how they handle them. The lessons we’ve learned go hand in hand with the “fight or flight” approach from psychology 101 class; some people see any kind of obstacle and flee. While others are more motivated and fight until the death. Hopefully, the death of the obstacle and not the other way around.

Finally, there is a third group that, no matter what, builds within themselves enough passion, resilience, patience, discipline, and commitment to overcome any obstacle. These are people like us who have chosen to persist through trials, hardships, and pain in order to achieve our dreams.


3. Marketing & Social Media are your BFFs 💚

Social media is constantly evolving and creating new ways for us to reach our community and customers. Realizing that it requires real human interaction and authentic conversations around the brand rather than constant advertisement of products was a huge breakthrough for us. It changed the way we engaged with our community on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and emails.

Although our products are the result of what we stand for, we must constantly remind the community of our mission showcasing our true beliefs via various creative, engaging, and innovative ways. Besides, we found that it is because of who we are (rather than the products) that people respond to us most.

So how do we find and implement our creative ideas and content? Well, here at DāO we fearlessly engage the trial and error approach. Testing different content and captions to see what resonates and learning from the things that don’t. We encourage our team to continuously think outside of the box, research new concepts and create bold new ones to enhance and strengthen our marketing strategy. We’re not too proud to give them creative control because we understand they bring new insight to the table and since we’re still a new brand, we definitely want to make sure we’re keeping an open mind exploring as much of the digital world possible.

Together we develop cool, new content and build on each other’s ideas. We unapologetically share what has previously worked for the brand and what hasn’t while discovering new grounds. With all the testing, we have successfully created a culture that embraces a growth mindset--an important component of our DāO team.

4. The art of communication is the language of leadership

Learning how to be open and honest has been one of the greatest takeaways along this journey. Like any relationship, if you don’t have strong communication, you don’t have a strong future.

So, from the very beginning, we’ve practiced being transparent with everyone we have encountered without fear of reprisal. We determined if we are to truly #DefyAllOdds, people will have to accept us for us 100%. This has made everything so much easier and a lot more fun. No faking and fronting over here! We bring our full, authentic selves to every meeting, event, or speaking engagement.

This is fundamentally what makes DāO different. We are who we say we are. And we do what we encourage others to do. Embrace our unique identities and act unafraid to stand out from the rest. Understanding this and practicing it will get you farther than you ever imagined.


5. Stay connected to friends, family, and those around you.

Last but definitely not least, don’t ever forget those who got you where you are today. Staying in constant contact with friends, family and loved ones helps to keep us energized and balanced along our path.

When you lose sight of who you are, you are truly lost.

Family and friends help you to maintain that “true north” internal compass keeping you grounded and humble. We’ve seen so many promising leaders get taken out by inflated egos and arrogance. That will not be our path, nor will it be yours. Carve out time daily to catch up with a friend or family member reminding them how much you love them and how grateful you are for their support. You’d be surprised how many people can help you along your journey by just staying in touch.


This blog post is dedicated to all of you, our DāO community of friends, family, and loved ones. We hope to be a source of inspiration and trust that you will grow from the lessons we have learned.

Peace + Blessings

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Michelle B Norfleet
Michelle B Norfleet

August 16, 2018

What a blessing to be a blessing. Your thoughts wises and desires are clear. Thank you for your continued words of encouragement and your uplifting spirit. Your hard word and dedication to your craft will afford you and those you bless much.

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