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November 28, 2017

Is getting out of the house in the morning difficult? Does it feel like you're falling apart before the day has even started? Follow these few tips on how to streamline your morning routine so that you can get out of the door faster and sane!

First step is to make a list of everything that has to happen before you leave the house—everything from morning milk/snuggle/cartoon ritual, to eating, showering and not forgetting any schoolwork.

Next, eliminate as many of those items off the morning list as possible! Pack lunches in advance. Shower and shave the night before. Lay out a week's worth of clothes on Sunday night. The more you can prepare in advance the better off your morning's will be.

Create a morning routine playlist. Music is a great way to pump you up for the day and keep you on time. You can use a song to time yourself in the shower, and can also use an entire playlist to time out your entire morning.

Go for easy-to-manage hairstyles. Hair can be a major time eater, so the less you have to do with it the better. No matter how you cut your hair, be sure to pick a simple hairstyle to do every day. A high ponytail, slick bun, or simple hair part can be enough to look professional and keep you from fooling around in front of the mirror for too long.

Set a grooming product limit. For example, say to yourself that you won’t use any more than five products outside of the shower in the morning. Set the products and tools you plan to use out the night before so you know exactly what you’re doing when you wake up. Naturel Moisturizing Spray is a must-have product for men and women simplifying the daily routine and providing a quick, easy refreshing look.

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